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Camp Hermit Hollow, Estes Park, Colorado

Camp Hermit Hollow, Estes Park, Colorado

As soon as Spring hits I am looking for new places to camp and explore. This campground (Hermit Hollow) is just outside Estes Park, Colorado and a short drive into Rocky Mountain National Park. I experienced seeing my first bear at this camp site, nothing more than a hungry Moma bear trying to find some food for her cub. Beware of shooting at night here, but overall an amazing campsite with fantastic views and sweet spots for sunset and sunrise photography. Not to mention the close proximity to RMNP, if your looking for a campsite and new area to explore check this spot out. Aside from the bears at night, campground was peaceful and I enjoyed listening to the fire crackle underneath the dark Colorado skies as the moon rose above me. The first loop of campgrounds has some phenomenal sites, some with picture perfect views of the valley just outside camp.

Camera settings: F10 shot at 30'' ISO3200
Camera: Sony A7Rii x Sony Zeiss 16-35mm F4
Captured: June 2017

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